BetaClear™ 768

Beta-Carotene is a great way to get vitamin A, but what if you don’t want an orange-colored beverage?

Beta-carotene is the preferred source of vitamin A for many of our customers for two very good reasons: (1) Beta-carotene is seen by consumers as a nature-identical source of vitamin A. (2) The body converts only the amount of vitamin A needed from beta-carotene and stores it in our skin cells. Unlike other forms of vitamin A, it is not stored in the liver, making beta-carotene a very safe way of delivering vitamin A without concerns for toxicity.

The problem with beta-carotene in many applications is its color. Similar to carrots, naturally rich in beta-carotene, it too is bright orange. This intense color can make it difficult to use in formulations of foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

We have been able to eliminate the color issue by producing a colloidal dispersion of beta-carotene and spray drying it. When added to water, the resulting solution is clear! For more information on the technology used in the manufacture of BetaClear™, see our Spray Drying page.

No more orange beverages (unless you want them to be, that is!) You can now have a clear beverage or a white milk-based beverage that contains a significant level of beta-carotene.


Applications for BetaClear™ include beverages, powder blends, and tablets.


Watson’s BetaClear™ is ideal for beverages and other solutions when it is desirable to add beta-carotene with a minimum color contribution. BetaClear™ 15% SD is an orange-red, free-flowing powder of encapsulated beta-carotene. Upon dissolution in water, BetaClear™ 15% SD forms a colloidal crystalline dispersion. It is a pro-vitamin source of vitamin A and contains the equivalent of 250,000 IU of vitamin A per gram. One gram of BetaClear™15% SD contains a minimum of 150 mg of beta-carotene.

Watson’s BetaClear™ 15% SD powder is designed to provide a source of beta-carotene to RTD suspensions such as meal replacement beverages, as well as nutritional bar products. It is particularly effective where muting of its intense, characteristic yellow/orange color is desired.


Spray-dried beta-carotene blended with gum arabic, cold-water dispersible. Able to be used in various applications, delivering approximately 250,000 IU of vitamin A per gram of product.


Gum arabic, beta carotene, sodium ascorbate, antioxidant blend, and xanthan gum.

Nutritional per 100 grams

Calories 340.0 kcal
Total Carbohydrates 85.0 g
Vitamin A 25,000,000.0 IU


Typically 25 lb (11.3 kg) net weight in a PE lined carton.

Storage and Handling

Store in a clean, cool, and dry place in the original sealed container. Preferred storage conditions: 20oC and 50% R.H. Expected shelf life: 12 months; Re-certification recommended after one year.

Certificate of Analysis

All ingredients meet the specifications of the FCC or USP/NF where such specifications are listed. Watson guarantees this product meets the above minimum specifications and issues a complete certificate of analysis for each production lot.