Custom Drum to Hopper Blends

Drum to Hopper Blends

Complete blends of active ingredients, binders, and excipients such as fillers, disintegrants, and lubricants are required in manufacturing high quality tablets. There is no need to preprocess Watson’s drum-to-hopper blends before manufacture of the finished tablets.

The Benefits of Watson Drum-to-Hopper Blends:

• Reduced Production Cost: By providing a ready to use drum-to-hopper blend, Watson can reduce your labor cots substantially by eliminating preprocessing in your facility. This frees up your equipment, prevents production delays and reduces labor and equipment running costs.

• Quality Assurance: By providing a complete certificate of analysis with every lot shipped, Watson can reduce your in-house quality control process. Pre-shipment samples can also be arranged by customer request.

• Large Lot Sizes: By manufacturing in lot sizes up to 10,000 lbs., Watson can provide you with a minimal number of lots. Lot to lot variability is strictly controlled.

• Excellent Compression Profile: Drum-to-hopper blends provide good tablet hardness and low friability, ideal for smaller sizes.

• Physical Specifications: Watson’s strict physical specifications ensures uniform particle size distribution, good flowabiltity, and high bulk density.