Edible Glitter™

Glitter Emoji Shapes say more

Glitter Emoji shapes are a fun new way to decorate food items while connecting to your customers on a whole new level.

Studies have found that 51% of people saw brands that use emojis as “fun” and “relatable”. You can choose from a variety of classic emoji shapes that will make your products on fleek! Nothing says happy like a smiley emoji, never mind the endless fun enjoyed when using the smiling poop emoji!

Types of Emoji Edible Glitter

Emojis can help your brand make an emotional connection

An Emoji is an image used to help express an idea or emotion.

More and more, companies are making major investments in optimizing the customer experience and building an emotional connection with consumers. There are opportunities available in every aspect of how customers interact with a company’s brand.

One way that companies are reaching this goal is in the use of Emojis. They show up everywhere in digital advertising, social media, and text messages. According to data presented by Deep Focus, four out of every 10 millennials would rather engage with pictures than reading. Brands that target the millennial demographic are incorporating emojis into their marketing and brand identity.

More recently, we have seen Emojis popping up on brand labels offering the consumer the chance to select the label that resonates with their current emotion or convey or share that emotion with others.

Edible Glitter Emojis™ offers a whole new way for consumers to interact with food and beverage brands. Not just on the label, but with edible Emojis that can be placed directly ON the food or beverage!

Edible Glitter Emojis can make your brand stand out. The Emoji could be visible through packaging, or it could be hidden under the wrapper so you don’t know which emoji will be on your cupcake until you unwrap it! Will it be a smiley face the universal predictor of a happy wonderful day filled with joy or … poop! (Oh Poop!)

Edible Glitter Emojis™ will help your brand connect with customers at an emotional level. Buying decisions are influenced by emotions and consumers relate to brands with personalities. With Edible Glitter Emojis™, any food or beverage product can be infused with personality!

Emojis: Fun – Memorable – Positive Experience

Make it fun and memorable. Many marketers are working on ways to create memorable brand experiences. Ideally, they want their products to be seen as a fun experience that consumers want to share with others, making it become a story they retell with friends.

Imagine if your brand of breath mints randomly had a poop emoji on them, better yet, golden poop! This would be absolutely hysterical to the right millennial audience. They would be included in selfies and shared on social media, and become a story shared among friends and remembered for a long time.

How sweet to unwrap a valentine chocolate to find lips or hearts on the chocolate itself, not just the wrapper.That would be unique and very memorable.

  • Touch the heart.
  • Make you laugh.
  • Inspire you to share the experience.

Best yet, you don’t have to overcomplicate the experience. Focus on moments of happiness or fun. Keep them simple and easy to remember. Make it easy for your customers to engage in and share the experience.

Edible Glitter Emojis™ is a great way for food and beverage brands to simply engage with pop culture in a fun and memorable way.

Share Connections – Interactive – Expressive

One way to utilize Edible Glitter Emojis™ would be in connection with a social media campaign. For example, there could be a promotion on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that would carry over to specially-marked packages. Information on the wrapper or label would encourage social sharing. Expressing how you are feeling that day with the emoji you got on your cookie or candy bar will encourage your customers to take a picture and post it.

How Emojis are used in marketing

Love them or hate them, emojis are not disappearing from our culture anytime soon, and marketers are making good use of them in connecting to consumers. Emojis are no longer confined to the digital world, they are showing up everywhere from product labels to clothing and housewares. They are increasingly being used to bridge retail marketing with digital marketing. Finally, Emojis also offer global brands a way to communicate in a truly ‘universal language’!