Whole-food nutrition with the convenience of ready-to-eat packaged foods

Food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers today need to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Whether it’s truly personalized nutrition or customized nutrition, consumers today have strong beliefs about what is right for them and their families when it comes to the foods they eat, and they want it their way. Some are very passionate about, for example, whole food nutrition.

There are great reasons why getting nutrition from whole foods is a good goal:

  1. Nutrients
  2. Fiber
  3. Whole Grains
  4. Phytochemicals
  5. Good Fats
  6. No Added Sugars

Food and beverage manufacturers also know that what consumers need and will buy is convenience. Busy schedules leave little time for healthy food prep, and eating on the go is an everyday part of life for many consumers.

So the question is, can whole food nutrition be made convenient and portable? The answer is yes, and it can go mainstream. It can also fit into the existing quality and regulatory programs of global food manufacturers.

What are Custom Nutri-Nature™ Premixes?:

Nutri-Nature™ Premixes are customized formulations of plant-based and naturally derived nutrients. Some of these nutrients can present challenges to sensory and solubility as well as homogeneity as a content claim. Watson can provide solutions to improve those characteristics such as microencapsulation, matrix-encapsulation, trituration, granulations, and micronization. These technologies can allow for the successful fortification of foods, beverages, and supplements. Nutri-Nature premixes can be designed for organic compliance and non-GMO certification.

Examples of nutrient sources can include microgreens, acerola cherries, mushrooms, and sunflower seed.

Quality Backed by a Watson Certificate of Analysis (C of A):

Nutri-Nature™ Premixes ship with a full data-supported Certificate of Analysis. Nutrient levels are tested and meet specified ranges for content and disclosed on each C of A.

Watson assays several samples for each production lot. Actual results are checked and verified by a team of analytical chemists before the Certificates of Analysis is assigned.

Raw materials are verified for quality, suitability, and safety by the new FSMA requirements.

Advantages of Nutri-Nature™ Premixes for the Food, Beverage, or Supplement Manufacturer

Watson’s Custom Nutri-Nature™ Premixes represent precise combinations of micro- and macro-nutrients specifically designed to suit your unique food product. Each nutrient component is pre-scaled and precision blended into a premix. Premixes can be custom packaged to fit your batch size requirements. Advantages include:

  • Raw material quality, potency, and safety are verified analytically
  • Nutri-Nature™ premixes are custom formulated for your product taking into consideration processing and shelf life requirement as well as the chemical and physical characteristics of your product.
  • Watson utilizes in-house capabilities to improve the performance of the raw materials and improve the consumer experience:
    • Grinding / Micronizing for particle sizing
    • Microencapsulation for stabilization and taste masking
    • Spray drying for free flow stable powers
    • Agglomeration for particle sizing and tableting
  • Watson’s expertize and process control ensures uniformity in every batch.
  • Extensive allergen control program in-house
  • In-house quality control laboratory

Save time:

  • Improves purchasing efficiency by minimizing the number of raw materials and vendors.
  • Watson’s Certificate of Analysis reduces your Q.C. process.
  • Streamlines the lengthy scaling process.
  • We provide product development support and technical guidance – from initial concept development all the way through pilot runs of your finished product, and from scale up to production.
  • We help to streamline the development process and ensure success while saving you time.
  • Let us handle the development of the nutritional components for you. We work with you to ensure you meet your development, production, and marketing goals.

Broader capabilities

Our in-house capabilities allow us to micro-encapsulate botanicals, for example, as well as vitamins. This process is useful in masking the flavors or odors inherent to some botanicals. Micro-encapsulated botanicals can then be used seamlessly in a Custom Nutri-Nature Premix.

Advantages of Nutri-Nature™ Premixes for the Consumer

Foods, Beverages, and Supplements fortified with Nutri-Nature™ Premixes will appeal to consumers looking for whole food nutrition with the convenience of packaged foods.

Nutri-Nature™ Premixes can be used to round out the nutritional profile of a fruit and nut bar, for example. By providing a more robust nutritional profile, a whole food bar could be used as a balanced meal replacement or a healthy snack.