Agglomerations aid in tablet compression, flowability, dispersiblity, uniformity of multi-component systems and other tablet properties.

Cast Film Technology

Chelated Ingredients

A Chelate is any metal that is attached to an anion (neg. charged group) with more than one attachment site.

Custom Drum to Hopper Blends

Custom Nutrient Premixes

Watson’s Custom Nutritional Premixes represent precise combinations of micro and macro-nutrients specifically designed to suit your unique food product. Each nutrient component is pre-scaled and precision blended into a premix. Premixes can be custom packaged to fit your batch size requirements.

Ethyl Cellulose Encapsulations

Ethyl Cellulose Encapsulated Ingredients provide a barrier between the core ingredient and it’s environment. This barrier can provide protection from harsh processing conditions such as high heat, high acid systems like gummy product manufacturing. It allows for use of sensitive ingredients where they may not otherwise survive or reduction of overages to ingredients that are un-stable.

Lipid Encapsulations

Lipid Encapsulated Ingredients are fully coated in lipid matrix to provide a barrier between the core ingredient and it’s environment. This barrier can provide taste masking of the substrate, protection from moisture, reduction of off odors, protection from interactions with other ingredients and increased stability of the substrate.


Spray Dried Encapsulations

Spray Dried Encapsulated Nutrients are encapsulated in a matrix. The process allows for increased stability of the nutrient in a powdered form. Clear Forms use specialized emulsion technology to reduce the cloudiness of traditional spray dried products. These are most suitable for use in clear beverage systems. Beta Clear can also be used to reduce the coloration typical from Beta Carotene in solid systems.

Toll Manufacturing


Triturations are a very effective way of delivering micro-nutrients in a homogeneous fashion. They are uniform dilutions of the active ingredient onto a suitable carrier.

Vitamin Oil Blends

Vitamin dispersions are micronized for uniform delivery of vitamins in oils. They are used as colorants and as nutrient sources for Vitamin A.