Milestones of the Watson Fellowship Garden

Wednesday, May 16th Milestones Behavioral Services¬†came for their 1st day with us in the Watson Fellowship Gardens! This year Watson introduced a 3rd garden plot that will eventually develop into the permanent garden for reoccurring vegetables and fruit. This year, however, that plot will serve as a cornfield or as in this case the three sisters. The three sisters is a way of companion planting with Corn, beans, and squash. The Native Americans always inter-planted this trio because they thrive together, much like three inseparable sisters. Watson put a little spin on the idea and did it in the pattern of a meditation spiral. The meditation spiral is our version of a corn maze. Milestones helped us by making the seed holes following the pre-laid pattern and then dropping corn and squash into each hole. (beans and peas are introduced later as the corn grows) Perhaps it will bring peace, concentration and an element of surprising fun for all who visit the gardens. Besides, the Watson Pumpkin Patch needed a matching maze to finish off the up and coming fall festivities. Milestones School also has a plot for their school’s personal use and will be helping pick produce for the WHEAT of West Haven¬†food pantry! We will be able to get fresh produce to the hungry in Connecticut three times more a week thanks to the wonderful students and teachers at Milestones Behavioral. We are so fortunate to have their help, and hopefully, this will prove fun and fruitful for all involved.