Thanksgiving Charity Choice 2018

We bring in our 2018 Holiday Season at Watson starting with our Watson Charity Choice Contest! Watson pledges to donate $2000 to the Charities of our Customer’s choosing. In the past, we would customarily buy Thanksgiving Cards. Watson thinks instead of sending cards that our customers could see the money better served by sending it to a charity that they feel strongly about. Right before Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we send out an email to our Customer list with a link and ask them to vote on the Charity of their choice that they would like us to donate to! The percentage of the votes then divides the $2000 amount, and then is split between each charity!

This year’s winners and donation amounts are as follows:

Thank you for everyone that votes so that we can spread some good cheer during this season. Keep an eye out for our next Charity Choice right before Christmas!