Warm and Toe-sty at Columbus House

The merriment continued at Watson over the Holidays as we were keeping it warm and toe-sty for our lady friends at Columbus House! We scoured the racks at JC Penny’s for the warmest, fuzziest boots they had! Nothing sounds warmer than a brand like Arizona right?! Connecticut winters can be brutal and no one deserves to have their tootsies left out in the cold. If they are homeless for the holidays then you know keeping your core, feet, hands and head warm is the most important part. We purchased 9 varieties of ladies boots in various colors and sizes to help combat frozen tootsies! The other important part to making it through a wet and wild winter is sustenance. A warm drink and food in your belly can get you through the worst of days. Watson has purchased 250 $5 McDonald’s cards to hand out this year in hopes of also keeping hunger away in the Holiday season! We all would hope we can contribute and make someone’s day a little brighter, warmer and give them something to look forward too.


Happy Holidays from Watson~